Ever wonder why it is so easy to spot a theist trying to Poe as an atheist? well its because they just don’t know how it’s done. Not that Poeing is a science, or any other thing that is too hard for them to comprehend, its just that when a theist emphasizes the personification of the ‘evil atheist’ which he/she/it is trying to be, he/she/it reveals the most common preconceptions and stereotypes only a true bigot like the theist-fundamentalist-with-an-agenda has about atheism.

Not that i don’t believe that there are atheists against any form of atheist activism and prefer to have a less proactive posture. Its just i find it hard to believe that a true atheist would try to define atheism “as a religion”. I could suppose this kid is plain ignorant but i don’t have to scratch the paint to see that his intentions are not honest. Why would he shout out that the Big Ban is not real, like this would ultimately discredit atheism? And say very often that Hitler was an atheist? Why would he do such when he says he is an atheist? Wouldn’t it be more credible if he used the most common argument dishonest theists use, “the ex-atheist that has seen the light of god”? And why does he resort to a Illeism to describe what he is (suppose to be), an atheist. Is the poe mask to heavy to hold on to, or is he that dumb to have the Ingenuity of representing a character that is convincing enough to fool his atheist peers?

By the way “BigBangNeverHappened“, the true arrogant and closed minded are the ones who say that there is no possible way that they are wrong and that every one should think the same way as they do ..or suffer for eternity(hell). Guess who these people are.