DawahFilms vs Thunderf00t

If you usually see some of the most famous Youtube atheists videos then most probably you already know the [relatively] recent conflict between DawahFilms and Thunderf00t. For those who aren’t updated no this subject i’ll give one:


This two users have been on a continuous exchange of accusations on who’s the worst person since TF published a video about islamic fundamentalists and their intolerance to free-speech when the subject regarded their religion in a non positive way. DF, as a true muslim that he considers to be, felt the need to respond to TF’s videos and defend his religion’s reputed image by pointing out how bigot TF’s message was. The problem was DF made a response video with a message that could be easely understood to be a death threat when he says that he and his muslim brothers and muslim allies would “send TF and anyone who thinks like him to the God he wished he knew”.

This was the starting point to a resentful feeling between this two YT users that as time passed by things did got more peaceful, until a more recent incident between other two users, Potholer54 and Amenakin regarding Amenakin’s false DMCA on Potholer54’s video where he points out Amenakin’s Creationist propaganda.

This false DMCA by Amenakin agitated a lot of Potholer54 supporters which originated a true ‘streisand effect’ where the video which was false DMCA’d got mirrored by a large number of users (myself included) on response to unfounded censorship.

When things were starting to cool down, until TF posted a video regarding Amenakin’s false DMCA specifically and islamic conformities in general. Needless to say that this video fueled-up DF and he made a very harsh video response defending Amenakin and bashing TF. The thing is DF raise the stakes by taking actions outside the forum and into TF’s private life by calling and sending mails to TF’s colleges and chiefs on his college with the intention to have TF fired from his job. Further more, DF was accused of also ‘doc dropping‘  TF and his brother’s private information on the internet.

DF admits he has the docs but he denies to have ever dropped TF’s private info on the net.


What’s your opinion on this subject? Do you think DawahFilms did drop the docs? That his attempt to fire Thuderf00t from his job was justified?

Feel free to write an opinion.


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