The moral values of a dishonest apologetic crab.

corrupted morals of a dishonest crab

.. if you see yourself agreeing with this sentence, justifying the murder of innocent children, then it is time for you to start questioning your morality.. before the police does it first.


Seems like Hamza Tzortzis, the muslim version of William Lame Craig, can not only be disohnest on his speechs, he can also have no level of respect at all.

On a recent debate with Prof. Hoodbhoy about Religion & Rationality, Hamza reached a new low by forcing Prof. Hoodbhoy to leave the room due to his constant uneducated behavior. It started early on the event when Hamza shamelessly called Prof. Hoodbhoy “a liar”. Hoodbhoy kept his polite posture  for most part of the event but Hamza’s reprovable conduct continued and it reached the limit when Hamza was clueless of any argument that would support his ‘cloned Lame Craig apologetic’. After Prof. Hoodbhoy made a good point, Hamza then made a miserable ad hominem, accusing Prof. Hoodbhoy of “being new to the muslim world …that he hate so much ” which dr. Hoodbhoy  corrected imminently pointing out the lie about the hate reference, and the incredibly dishonest response Hamza Tzortzis gave was.. “i didn’t say hate”.

Can someone be has shamelessly dishonest has Hamza Tzortzis? Does he not even realize his ridiculous behaviour? See the video, and make your own conclusions:

[UPDATED] March 28, 2012

i’ve just realized that the video which i’m linking was edited, where some of the “inconvenient parts” were removed. Furthermore, never trust a video were the comment section is disabled. The best way to promote lies is removing any possibility to question the message.


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